Oops! Now? Writing for the Wall Street Journal

Writing an article for the Wall Street Journal (the top-selling paper in the country) was a fun challenge... WAY different from writing a book. Everything happens extremely fast. For example, minutes before press time, the managing editors decided the story needed a major change--rather than lead off with an anecdote about Chicago, they wanted to instead start with Long Island. Yikes! Clocking ticking, I hammered out a new open. True confession: I liked the Chicago open better. The fast pace of news biz means mistakes can happen... a lot of people were stunned that the Wall Street Journal's map made a big error--putting Michigan's upper peninsula into Canada. (SEE ABOVE) On one hand, I feel the need to point out that I never saw the map until the paper showed up at my door. On the other hand, this all goes so fast, I can understand how the artist can make mistakes under time pressures. Anyway, the folks at the Journal were all very smart and professional... it was a fun experience. (Oh, and they corrected the map online)


  1. They still have the map wrong online. Superior, as generally proposed (and noted in your book) includes more than just the U.P.... it also includes northern counties of Wisconsin.

    Still disappointed with WSJ pointy headed elite errors. ;-)

  2. No- the interactive graphic has been fixed but instead it shows the most basic outline of the proposed state of Superior (only including the U.P.). The graphic that hasn't been fixed is just the thumbnail that leads you to the fixed graphic.

    I loved this article and have sent it to many people- people who won't be as picky about Superior, but will be thrilled to read article about other proposed states regardless. :)

    Thanks for your hard work (which I know newspaper work is) and continued dedication to fans of history!

  3. Welcome to the wacky world of newspapering