Conan and Jay: coincidence or conspiracy?

The Conan and Jay conspiracy must be brought to light. Consider this: The two grew up down the road from each other (see map). The mascots of both of their high school teams are the "warriors." At about the time Jay was asked to leave the Tonight Show, the two high schools played in a major championship game. Jay's Andover Warriors were upset by Conan's Brookline Warriors 65-58. The name of the game: The Comcast Tournament Championship. Comcast of course, is trying to buy NBC. Is Jay's takeover of the Tonight Show simply payback for a stunning upset in a major basketball grudge match? I'm not sure, but the conspiracy theorists now have a lot of material to chew on.

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  1. Jay is from NORTH Andover, which has some expensive properties, but isn't a patch on the real thing, i.e. Andover. Punk ass N. Andover kids ripped the antenna off my old car, something that didn't happen in Andover. Need I say more?